Saturday, 3 December 2011

Resistance Inmate Support Network (RISN)

Resistance Inmate support network is a project Kyle Chapman and myself have created to be able to support the members and those who have been imprisoned for sacrificing their freedom for their race and beliefs. I feel it is of great importance that these sacrifices do not go unjustified by them having no support from us as family. RISN supports these inmates by sending letters, visits and also reading material to also money donations. In some cases inmates go to jail and their families and society walk away and leave them to rott. I find it important that they have this support out here to give them hope so that they no people do care about them,
After christmas RWR will be selling RISN support Tshirts and the money raised will be going towards the cost to make these tshirts and to the RISN inamtes for the things that they may need. It is also a very good insentive for the inmates to give back to the project by donating a portion of their steps to freedom back into helping future soldiers of the movement. Very shortly their will be a bank account opening for donations for our soldiers. All supporters who have and are helping with RISN are important and without their help these soldiers would just be punished by society and their sacrifices go in vein.
On behalf of RISN inmates and RWR we would like to thankyou for everything you do and continue to do for this project..
Cherie Prison Liasion RWR 1488